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Type: New Construction
Size: 58,000 SF
Status: Construction Completed 2017 (anticipated)
Client: University of Rochester
Location: Rochester, NY

Home to the Goergen Institute for Data Science, the facility provides for lab and classroom spaces, collaborative work zones, and faculty and staff offices, as well as a large auditorium on four floors. On its exterior, a unique pattern of brickwork, inspired by the computer coding matrices produced by the building’s occupants, projects from the main mass of the exterior walls to create a dynamic and ever-changing play of light and texture on the facade. Using a standard contemporary brick veneer construction, the new design expresses a contemporary brick materiality that resonates with the 19th century brick details of the campus context. Mr. Shelly was the Lead Designer & Project Architect on the project working with Kennedy & Violich Architecture (KVA). Images courtesy of KVA.


Type: Renovation & Addition
Size: 36,000 SF
Status: Construction Completed 2014
Client: Harvard University
Location: Cambridge, MA

A LEED Gold Certified building, the strategy for the building was to add two new stories under a large copper roof volume, which rotates to capture daylight for a large internal light well around which the internal programs revolve. The copper roof form and its subtle rotation strengthen a more independent reading of the Tozzer Anthropology building as a pavilion in the Peabody Courtyard. DAAM Principal, Alex Shelly, was the Lead Designer on the light well while working with Kennedy & Violich Architecture (KVA).  Images courtesy of KVA.


Type: Adaptive Reuse
Size: 23,000 SF
Status: Schematic Design - Ongoing
Client: Rockwell Fletcher Developments
Location: Chicago, IL

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The LYTE Lounge
Type: Adaptive Reuse
Size: 11,000 SF
Status: Schematic Design - Ongoing
Client: The LYTE Collective
Location: Chicago, IL

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The Shell House
Type: Residential Renovation
Status: Out To Bid - Construction Pending
Client: Private Client
Location: Roxbury, NY

The Shell House is a retreat home located in the Catskill Mountains, designed by Seymour Rutkin in 1996 and built with the help of the Monolithic Dome Institute. DAAM was hired to redesign the kitchen, entrance and HVAC system of the existing structure to provide for contemporary living needs while maintaining the aesthetics and quirkiness of the dome, both of which are beloved by the Client. Operating within the unique spatial constraints of the dome’s geometry, DAAM opened up the floor plan, exposed the buildings systems and provided a series of soft-edged ‘island’ units that wrap the curved space - each dedicated to a different kitchen function.


Design Engineering


Bent Wood Vault
Type: Design Build Installation
Status: Completed 2012
Client: Beaver School
Location: Chestnut Hill, MA

The project was to expand the entry lobby of a school in Massachusetts and create a new environment for informal learning and collaboration. The existing building was constructed as brick structure that included a series of Guastavino thin masonry vaults that became the inspiration for the design of a new unifying spatial element - a bent wood vault. The wood vault combines aspects of architectural room making, structure, infrastructure and furniture.  The design bends and weaves plywood strips in a shell vault geometry-- expanding the principals of reciprocating force and layering, in sympathy with the School’s Gustavino vaults. DAAM Principal, Alex Shelly, worked on the design, fabrication and installation of the peice while working with Kennedy & Violich Architecture (KVA). Images & Text courtesy of Arts at KVA.




Type: Design Build Installation
Status: Completed 2011
Location: MIT Bldg 3, Cambridge, MA

A stairwell transformed by a shimmering conduit designed to inspire delight, wonder and communication between the floors. Both airy and robust, the piece is created by hundreds of components cut by water jet from thin aluminum flashing and fastened to their neighbors by thousands of zip ties. Thin steel cables spiral down through the components along the diagonals of the regulating hexagonal grid to form an internal diagrid that gives the system additional strength. The result is a light-catching, attention-grabbing demonstration of student imagination and ingenuity. DAAM Principal, Andrew Manto, collaborated with James Coleman & Craig Boney on this project. Text courtesy of Arts at MIT.



Type: Free Cultural Event
Size: ---
Attendance: ---
Status: Completed 2015
Location: Chicago, IL

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Type: Design Build Installation
Size: ---
Attendance: ---
Status: Completed 2012
Location: Cambridge, MA

DEFORMWORK is a pavilion proposal that seeks to engage and enrich a existing spatial syntax by form finding through material behavior. This intention is explored through the use of plywood, a stock material, as a vehicle for tectonic invention to produce both material and site identity. DAAM Principal, Alex Shelly, collaborated with Sean Leake, Timothy Pingree, Nicolas Rivard, Nathan Shobe, Emmet Truxes, John Nastasi, and Rachel Vroman on this project.